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RCH- II (Reproductive and Child health)

What is RCH programme?

For Mothers:
Early detection and Registration of Pregnant mothers followed by the Services like Tetanus Toxide injection, iron & Folic Acid Tablets to prevent Anemia and minimum 3 periodical check-ups with a referral services to high risk mothers.
  • Well equipped hospital services to meet the emergency care during pre-natal, natal and post-natal period.
  • Fertility check-up services.

For Child:

  • Neonatal care with an administration of “0” polio dose and BCG vaccination against polio and child Tuberculosis respectively.
  • At the age of I and a half, 2 and a half, and 3 and a half months, administration of 3 doses of immunization against DPT and Polio.
  • Between 9 and 12 months, immunization against measles and Vitamin –A deficiency
  • Qualitative Treatment for Acute Respiratory Infection and Diarrhea.
For Adolescents:
Health education, Personal Hygiene and sexual health education.

For Couples:
For planned parenthood contraceptive services both permanent and temporary like free Nirodh (condoms), IUD, N.S.V and Tubectomy etc. with qualitative follow-up services.

RCH Phase II program was launched on 1st April 2005

The second phase of RCH program i.e. RCH – II has been commenced from 1st April, 2005 the five year file 2010. The main objective of the program is to bring about a change in mainly three critical health indicators i.e. reducing total fertility rate, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate with a view to realizing the outcomes envisioned in the Millennium Development Goals, the National Population Policy 2000, and the Tenth Plan Document, the National Health Policy 2002 and Vision 2020 India.

Salient features of RCH - II Program :

  • Adoption of Sector vide approach which effectively extends the program reach beyond RCH to the entire Family Welfare sector.
  • Building State ownership by involving states and UT’s from the outset in development of the program.
  • Decentralization through development of District and State level need based plans.
  • lexible programming with a view to moving away from prescriptive scheme based micro planning and instead allowing States to develop need based work plans with freedom to decide upon program inputs.
  • Capacity building at the District, state and the Central level to ensure improved program implementation. In particular, the emphasis being on strengthening financial management systems and monitoring and evaluation capabilities at different levels.
  • Adoption of the logical frame works as a program management tour to support and outcome driven approach.
  • Performance based funding to ensure adherence to program objectives, reward good performance and support weak performers through enhance technical performance.
  • Pool financing by the development partners to simplify and rationalized the process of assessing external assistance.
  • Convergence, both inter sectoral as well as intra sectoral to optimize utilization of resource as well as infra structural facilities.
National Rural Health Mission
Government of India has resolved to launch the National Rural Health Mission to carry out necessary architectural correction in the basic health care delivery system.
Essential Newborn Nursing for Small Hospitals
The Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics was designated as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Training and Research in 1997. The Centre has made significant contribution towards promotion of newborn health
The Reproductive and Child Health - II project in Andhra Pradesh aims to achieve substantial improvement in the health and demographic indicators, particularly amongst women and children in the state by appropriate interventions in the areas of maternal health, child health, adolescent health, family planning, tribal health, and urban health, and by implementing them in a scientific and systematic manner.
Manthan Award
Janani suraksha yojana (JSY)


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