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Mid-Day Meal Programme/ Scheme

Mid-day Meal Scheme
Mid Day Meal in schools has a long history in India. In 1925, Mid Day Meal Programme was introduced for underprivileged children in Madras Municipal Corporation, now Chennai.

Mid-day Meal Scheme
It took another 55 yrs before 3 more states, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu had joined the Mid Day Meal Programme with their own resources for primary school, soon it was also being provided to children in Tribal Areas of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.

By 1990–91 programme had increased with their own resources, to another twelve states, namely, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu,Tripura and Uttar Pradesh. In Karnataka, Orissa and West Bengal, the programme was being implemented with State resources in combination with international assistance, while Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan were implementing the programme entirely with international assistance.

Finally, the National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP–NSPE) was launched as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme on 15th August 1995, initially in some parts of the country. By 1998 it was all over the country. On 28 November 2001, the Supreme Court directed state governments to introduce cooked mid–day meals in all government and government–assisted primary schools within six months.

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Today, with more than 100 million children covered, India’s mid–day meal programme is by far the largest nutrition programme in the world. Above 200 million suffer from hunger, the 2008 Global Hunger Index ranks India 66 out of 88 countries. According to statistics 42.5% of children under the age of 5 are underweight in India. Rs 4,813 crore was allocated in 2006–2007 against the earlier amount of Rs 3,010 crore, for this programme has been enhanced. By 2020, 20 million children are expected to come under the scheme.


The objectives of the Mid–day meal scheme are:

  • Improving the nutritional status of children in classes I–V in Government, Local Body and Government aided schools, and EGS and AIE centres.
  • Encouraging poor children, belonging to disadvantaged sections, to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities.
  • Providing nutritional support to children of primary stage in drought affected areas during summer vacation.
Mid Day Meal Schem
Conference of State Education Secretaries on 01.08.09 at New Delhi.
Mid-Day Meal Hand Book
This draft outline for "mid–day meal handbook" was prepared at a workshop held at the Centre for Equity
Studies in March 2004. The handbook will be fleshed out in due course, and hopefully adapted for different
states, translated in local languages, etc. Meanwhile this outline is being circulated for the benefit of those who
wish to work on similar handbooks in their own state or area. No copyright.

Mid-day Meal scheme1
Handbook in Hindi
Project of Government of Maharashtra Implemented by Iskcon Food Relief Foundation

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